Arthur Bottom

Prior to the invention of commercial passenger planes, the only option for intercontinental travel was by ship. For many of Glenbow’s former residents, their ocean crossing to Canada was a rare, perhaps unique, event. However, Arthur Bottom sailed the world for nine years before he gave up his seafaring lifestyle and came to Glenbow. At… Continue reading Arthur Bottom

Ernest & Alice Silvester

In today’s Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, sandstone was quarried for important government buildings. At the turn of the last century, the people who came to work at Glenbow were strong, industrious and determined. The Silvester family exemplified these traits. The Silvesters were a striking couple. Ernest (Ernie) was over 6 feet tall and more than… Continue reading Ernest & Alice Silvester

Hugh & Christy Ann McLean

Located in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park are the remains of Glenbow Quarry. The Quinlan-Carter company ran this sandstone quarry during its heyday, from 1909 to 1912. Hugh McLean was their community-minded carpentry foreman. Hugh had come west in 1890, and while homesteading near Edmonton, he had built churches and schools, as well as wooden bridges… Continue reading Hugh & Christy Ann McLean