Book Release!

The official date for the release of Alberta’s Cornerstone: Archaeological Adventures in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is just around the corner. Tuesday, May 3, 2022 is the Big Day!! You can ask for the book at your favourite local bookstore, order it online through !ndigo or Amazon, or attend one of Shari’s upcoming events and… Continue reading Book Release!

New Arrivals

There is always something happening at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. With each new season, the wildlife varies and different plants highlight the landscape. Human use of the area also changes. A human alteration with a huge impact was the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Between 1881 and 1885, men and machines raced across the… Continue reading New Arrivals

Margaret Mole

Food is an important part of holiday celebrations, but do we always appreciate the people who prepare our festive treats? All too often, historical records focus on the wealthy party-goers, while the people working behind-the-scenes are forgotten. This photo from the Vanderhoef collection is a classic example: the notation on the back names the dog,… Continue reading Margaret Mole


Unpredictable school schedules are not only a recent phenomena; they were common in the past, too. In particular, rural areas (such as those in today’s Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park) were susceptible to schooling disruptions due to inclement weather, inadequate funding, teacher unavailability, or insufficient student numbers. Some upper-class Glenbow families in the early 1900s avoided… Continue reading Governesses

Ethel / Anna Uphoff

Miss Uphoff wafts briefly through the history of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park like a ghost. She appears out of nowhere, suffers a tragic accident, and then vanishes from the historic record. Even her true name is unknown. On Thursday night, 21 March 1912, Miss Uphoff was travelling with her sister — Nellie — aboard the… Continue reading Ethel / Anna Uphoff