Christmas Cards of Hope

Several years ago, just before Christmas, I was charged with forwarding the personal possessions of a pioneering Albertan doctor and his family to the Royal Alberta Museum. Although Dr. Andrew Walter Park and his wife Amelia resided in Cochrane, their adopted daughter Lorna had been born to the Wall family of Glenbow (located in today’s… Continue reading Christmas Cards of Hope

The Wall Family: Loss & Legacy

Although historians and archaeologists study all aspects of life in the past, grief and loss are not common research topics. However, we can benefit from understanding how others coped with tragedy, since we all eventually suffer the heartache of losing someone close to us. The Wall family once lived in what is today Glenbow Ranch… Continue reading The Wall Family: Loss & Legacy

Margaret Mole

Food is an important part of holiday celebrations, but do we always appreciate the people who prepare our festive treats? All too often, historical records focus on the wealthy party-goers, while the people working behind-the-scenes are forgotten. This photo from the Vanderhoef collection is a classic example: the notation on the back names the dog,… Continue reading Margaret Mole

Blytha Copeman Pearkes

Constance Blytha Copeman Pearkes, who was born at Glenbow on 18 March 1902, led “an extraordinary life” due to “her wit, good humour and positive attitude” — and a bit of good luck. In 1900, William and Edith Copeman, left England and purchased Waverley Ranch (now in the centre of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park). During… Continue reading Blytha Copeman Pearkes

Marion Moodie

Marion Moodie, one of the earliest residents in the area that is now Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, epitomizes the Albertan nurse — a devoted and essential professional. From the age of 12, Marion wanted to be a nurse. In 1891, when she was 24, her family moved from Quebec to Glenbow. On their isolated ranch,… Continue reading Marion Moodie

Dr. A. Walter & Amelia Park

Health care workers are heroes: dedicated, courageous, and altruistic. These qualities are exemplified by Dr. A. W. Park, a pioneering doctor in southern Alberta, who arrived in the region before the province was even created. Born in Ontario and a graduate of McGill University, Dr. Park (Walter to his friends) set up his practice in… Continue reading Dr. A. Walter & Amelia Park

Hugh & Christy Ann McLean

Located in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park are the remains of Glenbow Quarry. The Quinlan-Carter company ran this sandstone quarry during its heyday, from 1909 to 1912. Hugh McLean was their community-minded carpentry foreman. Hugh had come west in 1890, and while homesteading near Edmonton, he had built churches and schools, as well as wooden bridges… Continue reading Hugh & Christy Ann McLean