The Gift of Glenbow

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is a beautiful ecological preserve where the past meets the present, with native grasslands and wetlands, abundant wildlife, and unique historical resources. Its striking  mountain views and wide open spaces make a lasting impression on visitors.

Senior citizens who spent their youth surrounded by plants and animals repeatedly tell me that a childhood immersed in nature is a wonderful gift. The former residents of Glenbow’s historic settlement certainly thought so. Alberta’s first female aviatrix, Gertrude de la Vergne, spoke so warmly of growing up at Glenbow Ranch that when she died at the age of 91, her obituary mentioned the stories she had told of Glenbow. Helen Powell, the daughter of the Glenbow Ranch manager, lived here for only a couple of years, but her descendants testified that she treasured the time she had spent at Glenbow for the rest of her life.

Today, the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation aims to include as many children as possible in the park’s nature adventures. The education programming for children is better than ever, offering a variety of school programs and kids’ summer camps, as well. Children learn how the deep roots of the park’s precious fescue grasslands store carbon and help combat climate change. They hear about the threatened and endangered species that live here, like the yellow-banded bumble bees. They also find out how the Indigenous people have used this land for generations and how archaeologists discover clues about the park’s past.

Please help ensure that this park is preserved for generations to come, and give the gift of nature by making a donation to the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation.

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