Winter Sport

The stoneworkers of Glenbow Quarry (which was located in today’s Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park) experienced a chinook in mid-December 1909 and they decided to make the most of the warm weather.

A special charity football match (soccer to us) was scheduled for Christmas Day. Admission was 35 cents, with proceeds going to the widow of a member of the Stonecutters’ Union who had recently died. The undefeated Calgary Stonecutters team went up against the pick of the other city teams at Mewata Park at 10:30 AM. Several Glenbow stonecutters were on the field, including Fred Buckle, Thomas Sear, Jock Ross, William Millar, and Joseph Towill. 

Despite the “lively and interesting” game, the picked team bested the Stonecutters team, with a final score of 5-0. “The score would indicate a very one-sided game, but such was not the case. The ball at times travelled a very lively clip up and down the enclosure.” The defeat was blamed on a reliance on “too much individual work” by the stonecutters and a lack of united effort.

Start your New Year off right with some winter sport of your own. Bring your family together and take a hike in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park! And if you’d like to support a worthwhile cause, volunteer your time or make a donation to the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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